What mower do they fit?

Q: What mower do they fit?

A: Good question…So far there has been no mower we cannot accommodate. They work best on Push, Walk Behind and ZTR Riding Mowers. Riding mowers with a steering wheel are not as efficient.


OTHER frequently asked questions;

Q: My mower has more than one blade, can I use more than one Tiller?


A: It’s up to you. Keep in mind this device is meant for small jobs, not 10,000 square feet of sod. Normally 1 blade is sufficient. If not you might be using it in a manner it was not meant for. Like water-skiing behind a sailboat.



Q: My mower has a star (or any other type of non round center hole) how does it fit these kind of mowers?


A: In cases where there is an odd shaped center hole, you will leave the existing blade on the mower ADD the tiller, and if necessary utilize a washer. The BOLT is always round, you just need to determine its’ diameter, and we are always happy to assist. It is easy you just need the mower model.