Birth of a Notion

lushIt all started back in 1985 where I witnessed a lawn being mowed with what turned out to be an improperly installed up-side down mower-blade. The “lifts”, (the part of the lawnmower blade that creates the whirlwind and propels the cut grass out the chute), were digging into a lush lawn, creating a corn-row effect….much to the dismay of the home-owner.

doofLater on, I remembered that day on Davis Islands, Fl and how the mower didn’t seem to mind at all!

I would need to replace dead grass occasionally…So I had been using a sod-cutter, renting it every time, and thought there ought to be a gizmo that would do the same thing as the sod cutter, only better!. You see when using a sod cutter, often times a great deal of dirt, good dirt would be taken away! The customer didn’t ask for dirt removal, we just accepted it as part of the process! It was just another reason that I wanted a better way…And so the journey began as we tackled the task of design, development, production, powder-coatingtesting, marketing, and distribution of what we hope to one day – become a tool in every gardeners arsenal.