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Spring Thaw

IMG_7243I’ll bet more than one case of cabin fever was contracted this year and after a relentless winter, everyone’s thoughts are starting to turn outdoors… Well with thoughts of the outdoors come thoughts of gettin’ down and dirty – in the yard!

But this year why not try something a little different. Instead of mowing the yard – round and round – every week – try one of our Made in the USA – patented Tiger Tillers…


For a mere $25 you can make a change – AND IT FEELS GOOD!

…so don’t wait – order one today!

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PLANT Propagation

An example of a few of the common Florida plants that root easily from cuttings:plumeria plants propagated

Red Sister, Croton, Rubber Tree, Schefflera,  Angels Trumpet, Kalanchoe, Sedum, and much much more…

After trimming the landscapes over grown or winter damaged plants, you can use your trimmings to create new beautiful plants. Rule of thumb for propagation is to strip all but about 2 leaves or so from cutting, fewer leaves helps to start the new roots quicker.  You can propagate in containers or directly in the ground.

And what better way to prepare an area for your new garden of propagated plants then the TIGER TILLER?


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Gardening Tips

It is time to plant. It is time to spruce up your garden and as always, landscaping adds value to your home.
There are some tips I wanted to share with you about trimming, how to grow plants from cuttings, and getting the most out of watering.

There are a couple of benefits from trimming, other than the obvious clean look and healthy plants. There are numerous plants in your landscape and in most that are Florida friendly ie: heat tolerant and drought tolerant. Those are the plant type we want to use in our landscapes here in Tampa Bay. A lot of plants root easily, some need a little more preparation and work.
Trimming and weeding your landscape is a great quick way to spruce up any landscape.

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Starting a vegetable garden

Starting a vegetable garden

The first and probably the most important step is deciding what crops you want to grow and where you will be growing them. A 16×20 foot plot is a sufficient size for a family of three or four.

Since you are new to this type of gardening, however, you might be better off starting out with something smaller. Consider growing your garden in small beds or even containers. These alternatives work especially well if your space is quite limited. When you have a general idea about what you want, plan accordingly.

Draw it out on paper and list the vegetables you would like to incorporate into your garden. It’s usually better to grow only the vegetables in which you enjoy and those that are easier to grow. Beets, carrots, lettuce, radishes, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans are all good choices for beginners.

Research these crops beforehand to make sure they are suitable for your particular area. Catalogs, gardening books, and plant guides are helpful resources for any information you will need.

Choosing a location for your beginner’s vegetable garden

Once you have established the layout, scan the surrounding landscape to make sure it will fit in. For example, make note of sun and wind patterns.

Successful gardens need at least eight hours of full sun. Do you have a lot of trees in your yard that will make this impossible? Try to find an alternative site.

Wind can both damage crops and dry them out. Is there adequate protection such as a building, fence, or other structure nearby? If not, adjust your plans appropriately. Vegetable gardens need plenty of water to thrive as well. Is your garden going to be placed near an ample water source?

Improving your soil in a beginner vegetable garden

Another very important consideration before you begin is the condition of your soil. Without proper soil preparations, your garden will have difficulty thriving. Fall is typically the best time to prepare for your vegetable garden. Clear the area of weeds and other debris, such as rocks, sticks, etc., and rake the surface smooth. Work the soil with a tiller or other appropriate garden tool. For more than one bed, work one bed at a time.

Organic matter within the soil is vital for healthy vegetable gardens. If your soil does not contain sufficient amounts of organic material, then you will have to work some into it using compost or manure. Compost helps improve texture, fertility, and drainage of the soil. There are resources widely available with more information about composting.

After the soil in your desired location has been properly worked, you are ready to begin planting your vegetable garden. You’ll want to set the tallest crops at the furthest point back and gradually work others towards the front. Plant rows north to south and allow approximately 2-3 feet of spacing between your rows, if possible. Place each crop into the garden at its appropriate planting time-check seed packets or other resource.

Enjoying your vegetable gardening for beginners

All that is left now is the general maintenance of the garden, which in itself is just as important to achieve success. Water your garden often, at least once a week, with a good soaking. You may need to water more frequently during heat spells, however. Keep weeds down and help retain moisture in the garden by adding mulch. Doing so also will mean less work for those gardeners with busier schedules.

Once harvesting season begins, pick ripened crops frequently to encourage more production. Depending on the types and amounts of crops you have chosen, they can be easily preserved by freezing or canning. Nonetheless, eat up and enjoy your newfound success as a vegetable gardener!

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Jimmys Sod now sells Tiger Tillers

Founded in 1959 by Jimmy and Sandy Chillura, Jimmy’s Sod Company continues to be the leading sod company in the Tampa area for 54 years.

Jimmy’s Sod Co.

2308 W. Kathleen Street
Tampa, Florida 33607
Phone 1: (813) 876-7933
Phone 2: (813) 879-4341
Fax: (813) 872-7167

tiger tiller for lawnmowers (15)Welcome to home of the amazing “TIGER TILLER” – a revolutionary blade that bolts right on to your conventional lawnmower – and converts that mower into a powerful roto – tilling machine! They fit ALL lawnmowers – you simply leave the blade on if your particular mower has an odd shaped flange or adapter holding the existing blade in place. Other than that – it’s pretty simple. You merely lower the deck of your mower gradually – and of course use caution!

tiger tiller pro 1/2"Lawnmowers are INHERENTLY DANGEROUS!! They are designed to CUT! This tiller system has a much lower blade tip speed than the original blade – however you will be putting it into the GROUND – where you might HIT SOMETHING SOLID!

It is very important the operator is safety oriented and does not INTENTIONALLY BREAK THE MOWER! A bit of finesse is required from the operator!

With that said – IT REALLY works GREAT!!!


The homeowner model is great for creating gardens, removing sod for the purpose of laying concrete, making beds for concrete curbs, and of course for replacing dead spots in your lawn. You can use the TIGER TILLER on any lawnmower,

The Tiger tiller PROThe PRO model is intended to be used on mowers with engine of 10 HORSEPOWER or GREATER. This includes all walk behind and riding mowers.

You can use one blade or multiple blades, it is your preference. You may also leave the cutting blade on the mower, or take it off. Sometimes it is necessary to leave the cutting blade on, due to adapters and odd shaped center holes. If you are in doubt, just call or e-mail us, and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Tiger Tiller

(Homeowner model)

These tillers fit ALL MOWERS 3-8HP WITH Center holes from 7/16″ – 3/4″


tiger tiller for lawnmowers (6)Tiger Tiller Homeowner with 7/16″ center hole
$24.99 + $9.50 shipping



tiger tiller with a 1/2" center hole

Tiger Tiller Homeowner with 1/2″ center hole
$24.99 + $9.50 shipping



The Tiger tiller PRO

Tiger Tiller Homeowner with 5/8″ center hole
$24.99 + $9.50 shipping



tiger tiller for lawnmowers (7)Tiger Tiller Homeowner with 3/4″ center hole
$24.99 + $9.50 shipping



Pro models belowAnimatedPointingFinger-transp

Tiger Tiller PRO


These tillers fit ALL MOWERS 10-30HP WITH Center holes from 1/2″ – 11/16″


tiger tiller for lawnmowers (6)Tiger Tiller PROwith 1/2″ center hole
$24.99 + $9.50 shipping




Get the history here, but in a nutshell we were looking for an inexpensive way to remove dead grass and sod for the purpose of replacing it. We had used sod-cutters many times and the alternative was a shovel. Both had their drawbacks. The sod-cutter was effective, however it was expensive to rent, and we always ended up taking away LOTS of dirt! The shovel was, well, just a shovel! With some trial and error we were able to create a great implement that gets the job done!


Available at

Jimmys Sod Tampa
Tree Mart Tampa


Tommys Lawnmower Repair Tampa



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