tiger tiller for lawnmowers (15)

Welcome to Tillerz.com home of the amazing “TIGER TILLER” – a revolutionary blade that bolts right on to your conventional lawnmower – and converts that mower into a powerful roto – tilling machine! They fit ALL lawnmowers – you simply leave the blade on if your particular mower has an odd shaped flange or adapter holding the existing blade in place. Other than that – it’s pretty simple. You merely lower the deck of your mower gradually – and of course use caution!

tiger tiller pro 1/2"Lawnmowers are INHERENTLY DANGEROUS!! They are designed to CUT! This tiller system has a much lower blade tip speed than the original blade – however you will be putting it into the GROUND – where you might HIT SOMETHING SOLID!

It is very important the operator is safety oriented and does not INTENTIONALLY BREAK THE MOWER! A bit of finesse is required from the operator!

With that said – IT REALLY works GREAT!!!

The homeowner model is great for creating gardens, removing sod for the purpose of laying concrete, making beds for concrete curbs, and of course for replacing dead spots in your lawn. You can use the TIGER TILLER on any lawnmower,

The Tiger tiller PROThe PRO model is intended to be used on mowers with engine of 10 HORSEPOWER or GREATER. This includes all walk behind and riding mowers.

You can use one blade or multiple blades, it is your preference. You may also leave the cutting blade on the mower, or take it off. Sometimes it is necessary to leave the cutting blade on, due to adapters and odd shaped center holes. If you are in doubt, just call or e-mail us, and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

You can get the history here, but in a nutshell we were looking for an inexpensive way to remove dead grass and sod for the purpose of replacing it. We had used sod-cutters many times and the alternative was a shovel. Both had their drawbacks. The sod-cutter was effective, however it was expensive to rent, and we always ended up taking away LOTS of dirt! The shovel was, well, just a shovel! With some trial and error we were able to create a great implement that gets the job done